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Brief talk to our company “5S” promotion experience
Time:2013/12/7 8:54:23
Since carrying out “5S”, our company has received support from the leadership of the company  and has also been actively involved in the majority of sectors, it made a series of achievements.
A, we understand what is 5S?5S -Structurise, Systematise, Sanitise, Standardise and Self-discipline.
B, we understand what personnel is suit for 5S? All company staff.
C, we understand when will be used 5S? Normal working hours.
D, we understandwhat's the place to carry out the 5S? Everybody’s Job site.
E, why 5S is launched? Save time, make room, easy to find and maintain a good environment and good spirit.
F, we understand how to carry out 5S? Around the "three positioning" - "fixed point, fixed quantity, fixed the people who carried out; around "PDCA" cycle to carry out a really good job 5S program, effective implementation of a fair assessment to identify problems point to improve the formation of the new standard, and then into the circulation.
In a word, through 5S propaganda, implementation, 5S inspection on November 29, 2013 and with incentives linked to enhance the company's overall outlook.
 Human resources department
 December 5, 2013
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